What are your business priorities; attracting or retaining new customers? International expansion? Cost savings and operational efficiency?
Our IT outsourcing services give you access to the specialized IT skills you require to grow your business and have it performing at the highest levels.

Interact IT Outsourcing team works with you by recommending tailored best-fit solutions as well as continually monitoring and reporting progress, making your business more agile, flexible and innovative.

IT Resources Outsourcing (IRO)

Interact provides highly qualified IT Calibers from End User Support to System, Network and Security engineers.

Our outsourcing scope includes Data Center Support Specialist and DB admins/Developers.

We provide performance monitoring for all outsourcing team on monthly basis and recommend to our customer a business continuity plan.

Standard Features:

Provide required resources and manage their performance

Optional Features:

Continuity Plan and backup resources


Service specifications which include: role profile, tasks list, KPIs, tools, access privileges

Competitive Roles

  •  Application Manager
  •  System Administrator
  •  Network Administrator
  •  IT Security Officer
  •  Data Center and Business Continuity
  •  Database Administrator
  •  Software Programmer
  •  Business and Systems Analyst
  •  End User Support
  •  Testing Support


IT Service Desk Outsourcing

A consistent, high quality and Global IT Service Desk outsourcing services.

Standard Features:

  •  Single Point of Contact Support (SPOC)
  •  Common and Business Software Applications
  •  Desktop Hardware and Networking
  •  Remote access support
  •  ITIL Best practices methodologies

Optional Features:

  •  Multilingual Support
  •  Reliable Support 24x7x365
  •  Using a specific Service Desk tool according to customer agreement
  •  Reporting, data analytics and performance analysis


Service specifications which include scope and size of Service Desk in addition to required KPI’s, output reports, used systems & tools and access policy

Guaranteed Service Levels

If you are an IT leader looking for guaranteed service levels for your service desk service, technical support, or customer service needs, our service desk outsourcing service can give you that and more.

Our people, processes and technology give you the information to identify trends and anticipate training needs, increase responsiveness to your internal (or external) customers, and ultimately help you secure the reputation of providing quality service to those you service every day.

Application Management Outsourcing (AMO)

Interact facilitates the ongoing operation, maintenance, conversion, enhancement and support of an application portfolio like ERP, CRM or Financial Applications.

Standard Features:

- Ongoing application support and maintenance

- Change/release management

Optional Features:

- IT Application Assessment

- IT Application Consulting


Capability of knowledge transfer, the most challenging aspect of application management outsourcing

Continuous Improvement

The service does not stop at break-fix, but also allows for organizations to enhance functionality on a constant basis while relying on a continuous root-cause analysis to eliminate recurring problems.



ITIL Processes Outsourcing (IPO)

ITIIL/ITSM Service Management Process Outsourcing is when you need a fast process to be implemented internally like Problem Management, Service Level Management with Service Catalog, Change Management and Asset Management.

Each process solution is not just an out-of-the-box install, but rather a fit-for-purpose solution that ensures quick implementation and successful integration into your existing environment.

Standard Features:

- Process Design

- Process Implementation

- Process Delivery

Optional Features:

- Continual Service Improvement


Minimum awareness of ITIL/ ITSM process Management

Problem Management

Interact can design and implement Problem Management as a complete process solution, or as partial process activity such as Root Cause Analysis or Service Improvement.

Service Level Management with Service Catalog

Service Level Management with Service Catalog solutions include development and management of SLAs, OLA, and Underpinning contracts.

Change Management

Here, Process can be either outsourced fully, or as a partial process activity, such as RFC or RISK assessment.

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