CAYIN : Digital Signage


  •  Intuitive User Interface

                           ○ Reorganize the structure                                       

                           ○ Streamline your browsing

  • Create Templates Online

                        ○  Web-based Skin Editor - create your own templates on any PC with a web browser

                        ○ Windows-based Skin Editor - also available to create skins & clocks

  •  Feature-rich Multimedia Playback

                         ○  3 playback methods: skin, program, playlist

                         ○  Support video, Flash, HTML5, etc.

                         ○  Powerful preview functions

  • Intelligent Scheduling Management

                 ○  Manage based on once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and location

                 ○  Provide master schedule and sub-schedule for each zone

                 ○  Support calendar and timetable view

  • Flexible Web Integration Support

                   ○  Integrate two popular web services, Twitter and weather, into its user interface

                   ○  Show a web page from a remote link or capture only a selected area within it

  •  Rich Library & Cloud Resources

                  ○  Ready-to-use materials & free templates

                  ○  Organize all raw materials you need to create digital contents in Library

  • 24/7 online help

             ○  Tutorial instructions are ready on top of the window to solve your problems

  •  Friendly Multi-Language Platform

                         ○  The UI supports 12 built-in languages

                         ○  The ticker supports Unicode (UTF-8) compatible languages; able to use default fonts or upload TTF fonts by yourself


  •  For people who need

                   ○ Easy central management of multiple digital signage players

  • Efficient Management of Multiple Digital Signage Players

                 ○  Monitor and manage all SMP players connecting to the CMS server

                 ○  Locate SMP players on Google Maps when SMP players activate the location/GPS function

  • Intelligent Scheduling Management

                     ○  Apply schedules to SMP players in groups

                     ○  Insert a one-time event or arrange periodic tasks based on once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or location*.

                     ○ Two viewing modes, calendar and timetable

                     ○  Edit and broadcast emergency messages

  •  Two-Layer Group Management

                  ○ Create a maximum of two-layer groups to manage all SMP players systematically

                  ○ Content updates and task scheduling

  •  Secured Decentralized Management

                      ○ Create multiple user accounts

                      ○ Authorize each account to possess different access rights

                      ○ Usernames and passwords are required to access the user interface and media folder

  •  Intuitive User Interface

                   ○ Concise and clear design                              

                   ○ Streamline your browsing

                   ○ Visualize admin console