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Imaging and printing in the digital age The incredible longevity of print

Although we live in a digital age, a great deal of communicating still happens in print, enabling you to digitize documents so the customer can share information more efficiently, reduce time-to-market, and enhance service delivery to customers. Accuracy, security, and relevance of the information your organization delivers have the influence to build progress and credibility.

HP have over 35 years of ink innovation from inventing thermal inkjet technology to having a web connected printer Leading to the latest ink technology of HP PageWide printheads, providing some of the fastest printers in the world.

In addition to 30 years of LaserJet innovation, with over 200 million LaserJets shipped worldwide, starting from entry mono printers, and up to the Enterprise Workflow Multi-Function Printers. And finally, over 40 years of innovating local printing to Cloud Printing Solutions.

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HP Personal Computing

Features and benefits : 

  • Consultancy Services: 
    • Interact has the Capabilities and qualifications to provide consultancy services to position the best solutions in respect of TCO. This service is offered through a dedicated highly.
    • trained certified Pre-Sales Team. - Our Gold Preferred partnership and our full exhibition in HP Inc. allows us to position and offer the best solution amongst the complete vendor’s portfolio.
  • After Sales Support:
    • Interact delivers a wide variety of After-Sales Services such as warranty services, Tailored SLAs, Service Contracts, Warranty Extensions, and Outsourcing. These services are provided through our Authorized Service Center, where over 50+ certified engineers are employed to secure your business and to maintain your working environment in good condition.

HP Personal Computing Portfolio:

  1. Business Desktop PC
  2. Business Notebook PC
  3. Desktop Workstation
  4. Mobile Workstation
  5. Thin Clients & Zero Clients